A crystal-clear approach to therapy, where truth, honesty and meaning prevail.

Relationships and
Pre-Marital Counselling

Bring harmony and balance to your relationships.

and Depression

Share your experiences, thoughts and feelings without fear.

Life Path

A safe space to stop, take a deep breath and stop the plates spinning.


Nicholas helped massively in handling issues in my life that left me feeling trapped and low. Today much of the confidence I have can definitely be traced back to the difficult and open conversations we had and the habits he helped me to integrate. Thank you Nick
I am sure like many people I attended my first sessions with with a little trepidation. Once I had my first couple of sessions I knew that I was benefiting from talking openly and honestly to a complete professional stranger.
Nicholas Reid was an understanding, patient, and insightful support to me, when there had been a build up of difficult events in life. Nicholas has helped me to gain the confidence to move forward, and to understand myself better.

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