Meet Nicholas

Meet Nicholas

I first discovered my deep interest in Psychology when I was retraining into academia after my short career in design within the exhibition and events sector. This lead its way to a BSc in Psychology and later into Post-Graduate training with Psychotherapy and Counselling.

I found the mix of left and right brain, or Order and Chaos, to be a niche of mine. The order from the Science of Psychology and rigor of logic, then the chaos from creative design and having to think yourself out of a difficult situation. 

When I’m not in a session, I’m spending time with my family, walking, gardening and creating abstract paintings.

My ability to relate, empathise and understand individuals and their trials and tribulations continues to provide support and structure in returning to a path that is well known or better suited to the individual or couples’ goals and needs.

My Approach

My Interrogative and Relational approach, coupled with my creative prowess allows for a bespoke session; and as an integrative therapist I opt for a variety of different counselling approaches to help explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, all to gain a fresh perspective for you.

I have worked hard to create an environment built on trust, acceptance, and confidentiality no matter what my client brings to their session. My client’s sessions are conducted without notes, a decision based on my belief that by creating an environment where my clients can feel comfortable and at ease, the best outcome will prevail – one of truth. Something I search for with each and every client.

The value of therapy sessions

In my experience sessions can help to process significant life events and explore difficult thoughts and feelings. Whatever the matter, my vision continues to be one where I deliver clarity and specificity sustainably to individuals and couples in a supportive, calm and open environment in the heart of Harrogate which champions my values of…

The value gained from a therapy session comes from being heard, being understood, finding yourself and finding your voice. Think of my role as a guide on the journey towards understanding yourself and reaching your potential.

Find out more about the matters I can support.

Relationships and
Pre-Marital Counselling

Bring harmony and balance to your relationships.

and Depression

Share your experiences, thoughts and feelings without fear.