There are times when it can seem like there is no way forward or you feel overwhelmed by life...

At other times you may want to learn more about yourself and how you relate to those around you. Psychotherapy provides space where together we explore and challenge your thoughts, feelings and experiences to create new ideas and possibilities.

The aim of our sessions is to get to the truth of the matter, from there creative discussions will lead to greater understanding and direction. Our conversations will bring light to the darkness, nothing is off limits and everything is held in complete confidentiality. It takes courage to step into the unknown but the positive outcomes will continue to benefit you and your relationships for years to come.

Relationship Counselling

Relationships can take many forms: parents and grown up children, friendships, couples starting out on their journey and those who have been life partners for many years. Within each relationship is a bond which holds the couple together but this can be put under pressure from life events, hurtful behaviour and communication challenges. It matters why you are not happy in your relationship.

"Nicholas Reid was an understanding, patient, and insightful support to me, when there had been a build up of difficult events in life. Nicholas has helped me to gain the confidence to move forward, and to understand myself better."

My impartiality as a therapist brings perspective and helps to shine a light on areas of difference with a view to finding that mutually-beneficial pathway forward. Psychotherapy provides a neutral, calm space where two people can hear and be heard, and together learn how to manage conflict (inner and outer) and build common goals.

For those planning a ceremony to formalise their relationship, this is a great time to establish strong communication techniques and bring to the foreground any issues which need to be remedied in order to pave a way into a happy future together.

Bringing a third party can create the fear that one side will be taken, and that may not be yours. It is suggested that each member of the couple have 3 sessions alone before the couples sessions begin.  

Bring harmony and balance to the relationship.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are two terms which cover a whole host of feelings and symptoms you may be experiencing which leave you feeling alone and exhausted. There are times when it is so difficult to cope with difficult problems and challenging situations. I offer a place where you can share your experiences, thoughts and feelings without fear.

“Nicholas helped massively in handling issues in my life that left me feeling trapped and low. Today much of the confidence I have can definitely be traced back to the difficult and open conversations we had and the habits he helped me to integrate. Thank you Nick.”

The act of talking, being heard and gaining a fresh perspective can contribute to feeling confident in the decisions you take going forward.

Together we will search for meaning, truth and understanding. By making contact and coming to a session you are taking a really important first step on a new life path which will move away from the way you are currently feeling and towards finding balance and what you want from your life.

Lost Life Path

So much of our early life seems to be clearly mapped out in education, even once we have started a career or relationship it seems like we are on a set path. But when those certainties fall away it can create disorientation, numbness, indifference and panic. The shifting currents of life can seem to conspire against you.

In session we stop and take a breath, the spinning plates are put down and the conversation starts.

“I am sure like many people I attended my first sessions with with a little trepidation. Once I had my first couple of sessions I knew that I was benefiting from talking openly and honestly to a complete professional stranger. I can not recommend enough the benefits of talking to a professional therapist...“

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